Provisur Formax PowerMax3500


The new Provisur Technologies Formax PowerMax3500 is the ideal solution for slicing a variety of innovative products. This mid-sized slicer’s upper and lower infeed drives provide complete control over the product while offering up to three AccuPower independent drives for the highest possible yields. With the patented AccuPower independent product drives, the feed rate independently adjusts to each log’s variation to ensure better weight control of each portion. During larger or heavy product slicing, the upper and lower infeed drives assure optimum slice consistency and unmatched slice integrity, resulting in increased yields of up to 1-2 percent. Better portion control results in high accept rates, minimum giveaway, increased yields and a quicker playback.Offering the largest slicing throat in its class, PowerMax3500 features a standard 6-inch x 15-inch (152mm x 380mm) throat size or optional 7-inch x 13-inch (178mm x 330mm). Even when slicing large or heavy products, such as value-added 4x6 inch or D-shaped ham or turkey or soft, delicate products, optimum slice consistency is achieved. Available in 48-inch and 63-inch models, PowerMax3500 enables fast, easy changeovers to different products such as round, square, rectangle and D-shapes. Adding the patented PowerScanner allows you to slice both natural and irregularly shaped products with unmatched accuracy to ensure maximum yields.Its center rear-loading system offers greater speed by design. The lift system pivots product into the staging area below the slicing grip line as the previous logs are finished being sliced. Once slicing is complete and the grippers retract, the Formax lift-to-grip system quickly moves logs into position to minimize reload times and maximize productivity.Blade profiles, edge serration patterns, and coatings are available in a wide range to optimize performance for any slicing application. Slicing speeds are maximized, slice quality is enhanced, and crust-freezing can often be eliminated.

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