Ceva Animal Health CHICK Program app

The CHICK (Ceva Hatchery Immunization Control Keys) Program, implemented in many hatcheries across the United States and abroad, will allow more precise decision making where it's needed - in the hatchery, with the introduction of a new Ceva CHICK Program app. All of Ceva Animal Health US hatchery technicians have been equipped with tablets that use powerful new technology to record and measure all critical data from the vaccination process.The easy to read results, including data on individual operators, equipment with analysis are immediately available to the hatchery manager allowing him/her to make better informed decisions. This information can then be shared to all the stakeholders. “Beyond innovative vaccines, Ceva Animal Health brings customers new decision making tools for improving the vaccination quality and producing better quality chicks. Thanks to the CHICK program app. Our team can work together with hatchery managers to really add value to our partners businesses,” said Rick van Oort, Ceva director of marketing and services. The indicators tracked through the CHICK Program app, from Ceva Animal Health, can be translated into improvement plans for day old chicks and the in ovo process. What is recorded can give managers and staff clear direction on where they should be focused to maintain the highest levels of performance. “This is what Ceva Animal Health means when we speak about the Science of Vaccinology: the ability to use the power of new technology vaccines, with the latest equipment through high quality management decisions at the source of production,” said van Oort.

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