Rotary Batch Mini Mixer

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  • Can de-agglomerate and blend up to five cubic feet of dry bulk ingredients with or without liquid additions
  • Achieves total uniformity in two to three minutes regardless of disparities in the bulk density, particle size and flow characteristics
  • For dry materials, it is equally efficient down to 15 percent of rated capacity
  • Allows small-scale testing prior to blending at full capacity
  • Mixing flights within the rotating vessel turn, cut, fold and tumble material onto a rotating intensifier
  • The 1 horsepower gear-reduced drive of the vessel
  • The 2 horsepower drive of the intensifier is wash-down rated and adjusted by variable-frequency controls
  • Equipped with a product inlet slide for ease of feeding from bags or boxes
  • Inlet-mounted spray line allows liquid additions to be spread over a wide bed of moving material
  • Blended batches are discharged completely through a breech-lock plug gate
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