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Alltech acquires Produs, Produs Aqua

s of July 8, Produs AS and Produs Aqua AS have reached an acquisition agreement with Alltech.

Global animal health and nutrition leader Alltech is actively expanding its European operations with acquisitions in the Norwegian cities of Førde and Bergen. As of July 8, Produs AS and Produs Aqua AS, both family-owned and -operated with extensive experience in the Norwegian agriculture and aqua industries, have reached an acquisition agreement with Alltech.

Produs and Produs Aqua are Alltech’s ninth and 10th acquisitions respectively, a development that will mean continued innovative, customized and quality products, programs, services and on-farm consultation for customers in Norway, both on land and at sea. In addition, it will be supported by Alltech’s global and local team of scientists, nutritionists and marketing experts. The combined strengths of the companies will deliver the latest nutritional technologies to Norwegian producers, enabling them to become more efficient, sustainable and profitable.

“We are taking this positive step into the future with Alltech because we believe their global resources, technology and innovative approach to both agriculture and aquaculture will strengthen the operations and profitability of our Norwegian customers,” said Magne Kolstad, chief financial officer, Produs and Produs Aqua.

Since 2001, the Produs teams have serviced Norwegian producers on land and at sea with quality nutrition technologies for the agriculture and food industries, and Produs will continue its local approach to meeting the needs of this growing market.

“Alltech is a family-owned business like Produs so our customers will continue to experience the special attention to detail and on-farm support, including superior customer service, unique to private, family businesses,” said Bjarne Ravnøy, managing director Produs Aqua. “Over the past 10 years, Alltech has helped to form the foundations of our businesses. We look forward to becoming part of the Alltech family and to growing together in the future.”

Over the past 35 years, Alltech has been a reliable and trusted partner to Produs, making this new step into the future together a natural progression for the two family-owned businesses.

“Although our business operates in 128 countries, Norway holds a very special place for Alltech and for me personally. Norway reminds me a lot of Ireland in terms of its scenic landscape and its agricultural focus,” said Dr. Pearse Lyons, president and founder of Alltech. “We have worked with the Ravnøy and Loe families since the early 2000s, and we’re delighted now to officially welcome them into the Alltech family. We have complementary strengths that we can deliver to Norwegian producers, both on land and at sea, supporting their endeavors to nourish the world more efficiently, profitably and sustainably.”

Produs and Produs Aqua are Alltech’s ninth and tenth acquisitions respectively. Through acquisitions and strategic alliances, Alltech is charting a course that will ensure the companies’ continued sustainability, expansion and brand legacy. Alltech and Produs’ foremost commitment is to its customers, providing them with tailored solutions and local support as they shoulder the responsibility of feeding the world.

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