Phytogenics: The holistic solutions in animal production

Phytogenics: The holistic solutions in animal production

Learn how animal feed trends and phytogenic feed additives can be used to maintain animals’ resilience even under challenging periods.

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Improving intestinal resilience with Phytogenics, a promising way


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The rising global human population and improving human welfare standards increase the demand for animal protein. It goes without saying that resilient animals play a crucial role in the challenge to meet this growing demand. And what would be more important in this context than an optimally developed and functional intestine? The intestine represents the ‘center of health’ in animals, too, and is a major prerequisite to fully exploit the animals’ genetic potential, which in turn is the basis for the economic production of animal-derived food. This article will give you exciting insights into the beneficial effects of phytogenic feed additives on the resilience of farm animals.



Keeping pace with challenges in pig production

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It is expected that animal protein demand will further increase in the near future. Why? Because the global population and its prosperity are steadily rising. Did you know that pork is the most consumed meat worldwide, closely followed by poultry? At the same time, production costs should be kept as low as possible whilst controlling the high risk of developing drug-resistant bacteria for animals and humans due to the use of in-feed antibiotics, either as growth promoters (AGP) or for disease treatment (therapeutic).



Improve feed digestibility and reduce feed cost in poultry nutrition

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We are all aware of it. One of the objectives of any poultry producer is to feed the chickens with a balanced diet at least cost. In the past years, feed costs have steadily declined each year, but the pandemic quickly turned around the demand and supplies. This evolution results in the need for new alternatives to save feed costs. Find out in this article how to improve feed digestibility with the Performizer® Solution.



Phytogenics for enhancing poultry’s fertility

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In recent years, the growing demand for poultry meat has required companies to achieve maximum efficiency in day-old chicks’ production. Moreover, this trend has promoted a strong appreciation in the price of chicks in the global market. However, reproductive stocks’ management, health, and fertility problems constantly challenge broilers and turkey-breeding companies efforts to reach optimum performance levels.


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