Optimizing poultry nutrition to improve performance

Problem-solve poultry performance and health challenges. Sponsored by Quality Technology International.


Problem-solve poultry performance and health challenges.

Performance evaluation of broilers fed AGP, Calsporin and BacPack diets

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Calsporin and BacPack on top of a typical AGP program demonstrated greater bird performance, lower production costs and lower risk of Salmonella.

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Reducing Salmonella and improving growth performance in turkey poults

This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of CALSPORIN, (CSP), a direct-fed microbial (DFM), and yeast cell wall based prebiotic, on performance, levels of Salmonella and Campylobacter in the feces, and intestinal histomorphometry in turkey poults. Based on the results, there is potential for CALSPORIN and IMW50 to reduce Salmonella shedding in feces, enhance ileal mucosal health, and improve growth performance of turkey poults.

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18 Trial Meta-Analysis: effects of CALSPORIN in broiler diets

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As the industry has continued to adapt to production without antibiotics, we have learned that the earlier a probiotic is introduced into production diets, the greater the opportunity to positively impact the gut microbial balance throughout the production cycle. Among these probiotics used to stabilize gut microflora and to improve broiler performance are direct-fed microbials such as CALSPORIN®. Due to its unique modes of action, CALSPORIN® can be added to broiler feeds alone or in combination with other commonly used feed additives.

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Critical junctures in early chick nutrition confirmed

Broiler Chicks Eating

Feeding newly hatched chicks used to be an easy step in the life of a broiler, but now it is recognized as the most critical period.

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Problem solving drinking water challenges

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The single most important nutrient provided to birds is water. Optimizing quantity and quality is essential for achieving desired performance from food animals whether they are raised organic, antibiotic free or under traditional production practices. Identifying weak points in either quality or quantity is the starting point for a good water program.

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