Improve the efficiency, profitability of your feeding program

Improve the efficiency, profitability of your feeding program

Learn how ADM Animal Nutrition can partner with you to build nutritional programs to support your business, improving the efficiency and profitability of your feeding programs.

Brand Insights from ADM

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware on how animals are raised directly correlates with the overall quality of the end product. The degree to which animals are fed and raised in a natural way is perceived as not only about animal welfare, but also about food quality, environmental health, and social welfare across the board.

As an industry leader, ADM recognizes this mindset and focuses on responsible animal feeding through nutritional solutions that optimize animal health, and productivity and promote sustainability. Their in-depth knowledge about feed and species-specific nutritional needs is deeply rooted in science-led innovation. Whether that’s a cutting-edge technological approach, advanced formulation, and production capabilities, or a future-forward vision for where the industry is headed, ADM has their finger on the pulse of today’s demands and what’s needed to thrive.

ADM’s research and development structures are dedicated to scientific production aligned with market demands. Their expert teams develop proven-nutritional solutions integrated into premixes and feeds as vitamins and minerals. ADM’s global network of research and development is built on the knowledge of over 140 scientists and technicians devoted to animal nutrition and production. Their expertise rooted in animal physiology, nutrition, and health is boosted by the large variety of research activities they perform in immunology, microbiology, and molecular biology.  Currently operating 13 experimental facilities in 7 countries, they conduct research and field trials focusing on new product development in livestock, aquaculture, and companion animals. Their ability to conduct experimental studies on several zootechnical parameters is supported by an in-house analytical laboratory network for axillary research.

As an example, ADM’s state-of-the-art Animal Nutrition Technology Center (ANTC) located in Decatur, IL, elevates the level of customer partnerships to extraordinary new heights. At the facility, colleagues can take advantage of a customer interface room, feed evaluation laboratory, pet food culinary kitchen, enzyme analysis laboratory, and a pilot lab to develop new products and solutions. The Animal Nutrition laboratory in Switzerland is the Center of Excellence for the development of new science-based products to meet the main challenges of animal production today and tomorrow. This technology center is dedicated to the development of ADM’s portfolio of feed additives and ingredients for petfood, aquaculture, and livestock species applications worldwide. Utilizing the latest industry insights, best-in-class technology, and global scientific expertise, they work tirelessly to transform knowledge into recognized customer value that unlocks growth and optimal health.

The newly-opened ANTC and Animal Nutrition laboratory in Switzerland are just the latest in a series of actions ADM has taken to significantly expand animal nutrition capabilities over the last five years and demonstrate their commitment to customers and the industry. With 5,800 research reports, plus over 45 academic partnerships in 17 countries and recognition in the scientific community, ADM has the ability to advance animal nutrition like never before.

ADM’s trend-driven research includes inventive methods of macro and micro-ingredients use, evolving legislation initiatives, new scientific formulation, and advanced development platforms that deliver efficient and sustainable product and services to meet customers’ needs. Through 120 years of experience in studying animal nutrition, ADM offers an ever-expanding portfolio of animal nutrition solutions expertly tailored to promote optimal health, reduce the use of antibiotics as growth-promoters and increase production. This experience gives integrators, producers, feed millers, and breeders an unmatched level of animal nutrition expertly formulated to maximize productivity with less impact on the environment. ADM’s global leadership in Human Nutrition promotes internal cross-business knowledge and expertise that can apply to new products and applications in the feed additives, ingredients, premix, and feed space, such as alternate proteins, functional ingredients, and pre/probiotics.

Beyond nutrition, ADM also designs and develops innovative digital services such as decision-making tools, mobile applications, and other progressive technologies to provide improved and real-time benefits. Utilizing the most advanced, cutting-edge solutions, ADM’s digital tech team is at the forefront of future-forward technologies aimed at advancing all aspects of animal nutrition. Stay ahead of what’s next with ADM’s unmatched capabilities and technical ingenuity to help inspire new ideas and solutions that propel your business to the next level.

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