Global nutrition expertise to boost productivity and profitability

Global nutrition expertise to boost productivity and profitability

Brand Insights from ADM


With 120 years of experience, a global footprint, and a local presence with multi-species expertise in 28 countries, ADM is a key animal nutrition player worldwide.

Ingredients Know-how

We develop the most efficient solutions for you, using our deep macro-ingredient know-how and our ability to offer high-quality raw materials—as a premier origination network with major production areas throughout the world.

Solving Challenges

As a leader in the field of animal nutrition with an unparalleled global footprint, ADM offers you an edge in accelerating innovation. We go beyond ingredients to deliver inspired and health-driven solutions to your animal nutrition challenges.

R&D Network

Access state-of-the-art innovation capabilities through our global network of R&D centers with 13 applied research facilities, including research farms where we adapt and test nutritional products closer to local breeding conditions and genetics.

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