Practical feeding: Formulating swine diets to meet Ca and P requirements

How phytase supplementation can enhance the digestibility of phosphorus (P) and calcium (Ca) to improve nutrient absorption.

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Pig Swine

The digestibility of phosphorus (P) and calcium (Ca) must be corrected and standardized for accurate assessment. The importance of expressing the digestibility of phosphorus using the standardized total tract digestibility (STTD) was emphasized over the use of apparent ileal digestibility (AID) or apparent total tract digestibility (ATTD), as P is primarily absorbed in the small intestine, with minimal hindgut absorption or secretion. Therefore, there is no difference between small intestinal and TTD of P, but determining TTD is less costly and less labor intensive than determining small intestinal digestibility. However, correcting ATTD values for the basal endogenous losses is crucial for calculating STTD values. For practical diet formulation, STTD values are more appropriate because STTD values from individual ingredients are additive in mixed diets, unlike ATTD values.

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