EuroTier 2012 hits record attendance numbers

Next show to be held November 11–14, 2014

With 2,445 exhibitors and around 160,000 visitors, including 38,000 international visitors, EuroTier 2012 reached new record levels, according to Dr. Reinhard Grandke, CEO of show organizer DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft – German Agricultural Society). The show ran November 13–16, in Hanover, Germany. 

“With this result EuroTier has impressively demonstrated its great pulling power for animal husbandry farmers and experts from all over the world, and further consolidated its leading position as the world’s top event for professional animal husbandry,” said Grandke. The number of exhibitors at the 2012 show increased by 25 percent compared with 2010. Altogether, 2,445 direct exhibitors and 41 additionally represented firms from a total of 51 countries presented their goods and services. Around half of the exhibitors (1,151) came from outside Germany, representing a 40 percent increase over 2010.

“EuroTier is more international than ever before,” said DLG. “38,000 farmers, investors and expert visitors came to the Exhibition Grounds in Hanover to gather information. This corresponds to an increase of over 50 percent by comparison with the previous maximum level. The largest contingents of international visitors came from the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, France, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom. Nearly 3,000 investors and persons in charge of large-scale farms from Eastern Europe came to Hanover to see what is available on the market. The high numbers of visitors from the Near, Middle and Far East, as well as from Central and South America, also deserve mention. Over 7,000 visitors from these regions were registered.” The numbers from Germany remained steady at 122,000.

The programs at the show were well-attended, said show organizers. The technical program was of particular interest to attendees, and the international events for the dairy and pig farmers, as well as the International Poultry Day immediately preceding EuroTier, have become established highlights for farmers and related specialists from all over Europe. All in all, they attracted around 1,300 international experts. The “Young Farmers Day” brought over 5,000 young farmers and students from Germany and abroad attended the various events offered at EuroTier. BioEnergy Decentral reported a constant number of around 42,000 visitors, and the share of international visitors increased by twelve percent compared with 2010, said DLG.

The next EuroTier, including BioEnergy Decentral, will be held in Hanover, Germany, November 11–14, 2014.