Formulation and Process Control

Bin Master SPL-200 and FVL-200 battery-powered lasers

Powered by a replaceable Lithium battery, the SPL-200 battery-powered laser from Bin Master measures solids in silos up […]

Parker Hannifin Pur Ag filters

Parker Hannifin presents two filtration products designed specifically for the agriculture industry: Parker Pur Ag SlimBox Filterand Parker […]

Flexicon High-Lift Bin Dumper

The open-chute High-Lift Bin Dumper from Flexicon hydraulically raises and dumps mobile bins into a hopper that feeds an integral […]

American-Newlong A1-PB EL height adjustable bag closing system

The A1-PB EL height adjustable bag closing system from American-Newlong uses the DS-9C high speed, oil enclosed, sewing […]

Ceres Imaging aerial imagery provider for farmers

Ceres Imaging is an aerial imagery provider that helps growers make proactive decisions to maximize resources, yields and […]

Dramm Telescoping Handi-Reach Handle

The Dramm Telescoping Handi-Reach Handle allows growers to reach over wide benches or plants that are higher with ease. […]

Innoquest SpotOn Quantum PAR Light Meter

The SpotOn Quantum PAR Light Meter from Innoquest is a scientifically accurate instrument that takes readings from any source, […]

Olmix Myco’Simulator app

The Myco’Simulator from Olmix is an innovative app for smartphone which complete the set of tool for mycotoxin risk management at […]

Clextral Preconditioner+ to optimize the extrusion process

Food and feed processors can achieve increased capacity and highest product quality with the addition of the Clextral Preconditioner+ to optimize their extrusion process.

Single Phase Power Solutions 30 HP Belle Single-Phase MotorT

Single Phase Power Solutions introduces the 30 HP Belle Single-Phase MotorT which uses Written-Pole technology to deliver clean 230V or 460V three-phase output from readily-available single-phase utility services.