New products

WEDA Damman & Westerkamp Smart.Light for pig feed consumption

The Smart.Light from WEDA Damman & Westerkamp consists of an LED lamp that displays messages in the house directly by the animal or in the pen. With the help of this innovation, the status of feed intake of the individual animals or pens is indicated directly at each valve in the house.

Prosol Swine-MOD yeast product

Prosol Swine-MOD is a yeast product for piglets and sows.

Brookside Agra GP Pro+ natural protein supplement

Brookside Agra presents its all-natural GP Pro+, a high-quality acidified nutritional protein supplement research-proven to improve pig and sow feeding performance.

Schippers Di-O-Clean water treatment

Being the only commercial water cleaning product, Di-O-Clean from MS Schippers is effective in combating viruses, including African swine fever (ASF). Laboratory test results show that pathogens do not survive treatment with the product.

Clextral Preconditioner+ to optimize the extrusion process

Food and feed processors can achieve increased capacity and highest product quality with the addition of the Clextral Preconditioner+ to optimize their extrusion process.

GfG Instrumentation CI 21 fixed transmitter

The CI 21 fixed transmitter from GfG Instrumentation feature a charge carrier injection sensor that is a progressive development to improve upon current ammonia refrigeration detection methods.

Verti-Lift Shuttle / Transfer Carts

Verti-Lift presents its Shuttle / Transfer Carts with the integration of portability, lifting, and conveying.

UniMove Vacuum Lifters CM500 vacuum tube lifter

UniMove Vacuum Lifters presents its CM500 vacuum tube lifter for safe and ergonomic handling of bags, boxes, pails, drums, sheet rock and more.

Shuttleworth Lubrication Strip Kit

Shuttleworth, a leader in automated product handling solutions, has developed a Lubrication Strip Kit to keep Shuttleworth equipment in optimum working condition for peak performance.

Single Phase Power Solutions 30 HP Belle Single-Phase MotorT

Single Phase Power Solutions introduces the 30 HP Belle Single-Phase MotorT which uses Written-Pole technology to deliver clean 230V or 460V three-phase output from readily-available single-phase utility services.