New products

Evonik AMINODat 6.0 raw feed material database

The AMINODat 6.0 feed raw material database from Evonik is comprehensive and up to date at all times. […]

AB Vista online dietary fiber calculator

AB Vista has launched a free tool to assist nutritionists as they formulate animal diets. The dietary fiber […]

BASF Animal Nutrition Opteinics analytics platform

Opteinics is a sustainability analytics platform, integrated to industry-standard feed formulation software, that enables even non-experts in sustainability […]

Quality Technology International Q-Biotic Series feed additives

Quality Technology International (QTI) has launched a new series of natural direct-fed microbial products designed for helping producers […]

Bühler Temperature and Vibration Management System

Bühler’s Temperature and Vibration Management (TVM) System is connected to the Bühler Insights platform and provides essential information […]

Bühler Group and Premier Tech CHRONOS OML-1060

The CHRONOS OML-1060 is the first of many solutions to be developed through the joint venture between Bühler […]

Roxell Fidos farrowing feed dispenser

Roxell is expanding its Fidos range for electronic sow feeding with Fidos farrowing, a smart dispenser. This feeding […]

Biomin Mycofix Plus 5.Z with ZENzyme

Biomin has launched its newest mycotoxin risk management solution, Mycofix Plus 5.Z with ZENzyme, in select markets across […]

BühlerVision remote service solution

BühlerVision provides advanced remote service and maintenance, powered by the latest smart glass technology and augmented reality software. […]

Sterling Systems & Controls Inc. pellet mill control and automation

The new pellet mill control and automation system from Sterling Systems & Controls Inc. is available for feed […]