The grand opening ceremony of the first Olmix factory in Asia

The grand opening ceremony of the first Olmix factory in Asia was held on October 10 at Song Than 2 Industrial Zone, Binh Duong province, Vietnam.

The ceremony had the participation of the representatives of the Department of Livestock Production, the France Embassy, the Authority of Binh Duong Province, General Consulate of France, communication agencies and other departments. The act was attended by several French experts and around 300 customers of Olmix–Viphavet from different Asian countries and important livestock producers in Vietnam.

The first Olmix factory in Asia located in Binh Duong province, Vietnam, will be providing approximately 15,000 tons of animal feed additives and nutraceuticals for feed mills and farms per year. The opening of this new production facilities is a milestone on the Olmix Group’s road towards a prosperous growth in Asia. It also represents the Olmix Group’s commitment to further strengthening the presence and activities in Vietnam and throughout Asia.

Capitalizing on the expertise of Olmix Asialand and Viphavet potential, like the GMP– which certified the pharmaceutical production factory–the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, VIPHALAB, Vaccination Technology Services (VTS) and the construction of the state-of-the-art feed additives factory, Olmix Asialand is establishing itself as one of the top three operators in the field of animal nutrition and animal health in Vietnam.

Starting its production from November 1, the factory will be focused on producing new feed additives to be provided to the Asian market, such as mShell (shell and bones quality enhancer) and ASEAD (range of innovative acidifiers).

The productions will use innovative ingredients or nucleus produced in France with OLMIX unique patented technologies (algae biorefinery, clays and algae associations…).

All along the industrial feed processes, Olmix Group will follow HACCP procedures. Quality systems enforced in the different sites of the Group ensure maintenance and continuous improvement of the high-quality level of our products for Olmix’s strategy and mission ‘A healthy food chain, Thanks to Algae.’